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We are still updating with the latest information as we all come through and out of the Caronavirus Covid-19.

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  • Can we have a holiday or not and if so where?

    Loopy has been incredibly quiet we know, but understandable there is still only one question everyone has, can we have a holiday or not and if so where? Jet2 scraps Balearics understandably along with TUI making it almost impossible for package holidays. EasyJet seem to be continuing but with news coming out of the Baleares reference Covid 19, anything could happen. Portugal have got the Golden goose now with almost...

  • We are still waiting for everything to settle down

    We notice many holiday companies are offering FREE CoVid cover after many Insurance companies closed their doors to the problem. Very sad seeing all the last of the 747’s Aircraft being sent to their graves. Why don’t they turn them into flying hospitals for regions in the World without any. Park it up and let the tires down. Princess Cruises once again unfortunately had to suspend operations until December, it’s...

  • Travel News on the Front Line

    Its been some time since we last posted anything but to be honest there was no point as you all probably know as much as we do with travel news being top of the TV agenda. American Airlines have announced they are now packing planes to full capacity again, wow that is a surprise with the virus news coming out of the USA. TUI have cancelled all Florida holidays until...

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