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  • Has summer 2021 gone already.

    Has summer 2021 gone already. The summer has started to pass very quickly now, and it’s been sometime since posting our thoughts on here. We decided back in March with the start of the Traffic Light system that it was pointless in passing on some news and views with things changing every few days or weeks. We are preparing our website for more travel availabilities as the world starts opening...

  • Vaccination Passes Yes or No

    Amazing how things can change so quickly when a little good news comes everybody’s way with the vaccination programme doing so well, bringing hope to all in the travel industry. People are now desperate for change and a good holiday somewhere nice and warm is the most popular answer according to various polls. 17th May seems to be the UK’s date everyone is looking at when and if the coming...

  • The Glimmer of Light is now Shining Brighter

    The travel industry woke up this morning with a brighter outlook, everyone now hoping this dream of tourism returning soon is true and will happen. We have all been suffering in one way or another but when businesses must close and stop trading at the click of the finger, who knows what to do or say to survive. Today we see companies boasting that they received a new booking for...

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Villa Holidays

  • James Villa Holidays

    As the UK’s specialist James Villa Holidays know what it means to have every detail taken care of when it...

  • TUI Villa Holidays

    Villa holidays are getting more popular and can work out cheaper for large families. Have to remember that a Villa...


  • Travel Insurance

    Why is holiday insurance so important? No one wants to think about what could go wrong and a good travel...

  • Plastic Oceans – Stop the Plastic

    Plastic Oceans Who We Are   Plastic Oceans International is a nonprofit organization raising awareness about plastic pollution to inspire...

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