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  • This month is passing us by pretty quickly

    This month is passing us by pretty quickly and the big winter season of goodwill is upon us, have to wonder how much cheer we will be able to have because most has gone out of the window of a sad 2020. The latest vaccination news is what have all been waiting for and its giving everyone a big lift, although we all know it will be some time before...

  • Halloween lives up to its reputation for horror stories

    Here we go again, another nightmare announcement on a Halloween night. Where are we all going to go from here business wise with travel restrictions like this although understandable it is still extremely hard to swallow. We are all looking forward to Christmas but are we…. Hopefully 2021 will see us come through this and with the help of a vaccination if there will be such a thing. There will...

  • Travel companies are trying their best to find ways around the problems

    Travel companies are trying their best find ways around the problems and we to are trying to support the them by promoting through our affiliate and partners. We are finding it difficult to write anything interesting about travel as our lifestyles are changing like the weather with new restrictions every week. Airlines and travel companies are suffering the worst but they continue to struggle on and give us whatever services...

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Cala Llonga - Ibiza - 5th June 2021

Benidorm - SC - January 2021

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