Holiday Car Hire

It’s not that many years ago that Car Hire was an expensive treat when on holiday, although we have all done it if we felt extra flush with cash at the time.

Those days have now truly passed on and the car hire market has expanded out of proportion over the past few years with all sorts of offers and special discounts available.

When having an independent holiday and doing your own thing, you can organise your flight, accommodation and Car Hire which can make your holiday.

Renting a car from the Airport is the best idea simply because, a week’s rent on a small car will often work out cheaper than getting a taxi.

We have seen £1000.00. taken from credit cards to cover any damage, now some are only taking the full rental fee, if you hire with the Full Insurance:

Full coverage is a combination of collision coverage and comprehensive coverage, which protects you and your vehicle in the event of an accident, also liability cover which pays for damage you could potentially cause to others.

Always read the terms & conditions if you can find them before you book, the Nationwide Insurance website defines the different insurances as:

Liability Insurance, which covers costs for the other party’s injuries and repairs in the event of a covered accident in which you are found at fault.

Collision insurance, which can cover damage to your vehicle if you are found at fault in a collision, but it does not cover the other party’s vehicle or anyone’s bodily injuries.

Comprehensive insurance, which covers certain damages to your vehicle that are not caused by a collision with another car (for instance, accidents related to weather, theft, fire and more).

Affordable Car Hire Website says.

Summary of insurances

The following is a general summary of the insurances typically included in the car rental contract with your car rental supplier.

The precise terms of the insurances vary according to the car rental supplier.

A copy of the standard Rental Agreement used by the supplier in the country where you are hiring your vehicle can be supplied to you before you make your booking if you should request it.

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance covers damage to the property of a third party caused by your vehicle.

Please refer to the suppliers Rental Agreements for details on any applicable excesses

Collision Damage Waiver

Collision Damage Waiver waives your liability to pay for any damage caused to the vehicle during the period of hire, subject to the exclusions listed below.

Your liability is waived subject to you paying a charge, referred to as an “excess”, which limits your liability to the cost of the excess only.

In some instances, an excess will not apply, and you will be advised of this at the time of making your booking.

Exclusions include:

“when damage is caused to windows/windscreen, interior, wheels, tyres, underside or roof of the car; where any rental vehicle has been driven off-road, on un-tarmacked roads, (Ibiza comes to mind).

Without due care and attention or negligently; where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
where the driver(s) is not been named on the rental agreement; when damage is caused by the rental vehicle being towed away by any unauthorised third party.”

Where an exclusion applies, your liability to pay for any damage will not be waived and you may be liable for the full cost up to and exceeding the excess.

It’s a spiders web and to be honest when renting a car abroad, so get as much insurance as you can, they make more money but you can then do what you’re supposed to do on holiday, relax, chill and enjoy yourself.

Happy Holidays Drive Safely.

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