Vaccination Passes Yes or No

Amazing how things can change so quickly when a little good news comes everybody’s way with the vaccination programme doing so well, bringing hope to all in the travel industry.

People are now desperate for change and a good holiday somewhere nice and warm is the most popular answer according to various polls.

17th May seems to be the UK’s date everyone is looking at when and if the coming out of lockdown steps work, the travel industry and airlines are all standing bye with fingers on the green button.

Still interesting is that many countries are still thinking or wondering what to do about travel passes showing proof of vaccination, the big question they have is how.

Everyone has a passport with lots of never used pages in, why don’t they just put a stamp on one of them for each vaccination given.

What ever they decide it needs to be soon because popular tourist destinations are desperate for visitors with their local governments now running out of money.

There are some great deals coming through now and this is the perfect time to find a deal because once the gates are open, the markets going to go through the roof.

Good hunting and stay safe.

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