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TUI Villas – Your home for the holidays

“Villa”? Sounds like it’s “expensive”, sounds like it‘s “luxurious”? Not at all! Any holiday home and apartment can be a villa – as long as our standards of quality, service, and comfort are met.

In our understanding, “villa” stands for a reliable, high-quality home. And that is our promise to you: you should be able to find a home for your holiday on TUI Villas!

TUI Villas is TUI‘s international holiday home portal with over 300,000 holiday homes, holiday apartments, fincas, pool villas, holiday parks and even lighthouses, mansions, tree houses, and much more.

At TUI Villas, TUI’s brand promise of quality and service is combined with the proven reliability of private owners, local agencies, specialist providers, and renowned tour operators.


Family walks on the beach

A smile for your vacation: holiday homes with the TUI Smile

Benefit from the advantages of booking directly with us as a tour operator. All holiday homes and apartments that have been marked with the TUI Smile are from our own range and guarantee the security of the TUI brand;

the TUI Smile properties have been personally checked by us and meet TUI’s quality promise.

The properties can usually be booked immediately, without waiting for confirmation.

All bookings are covered by the insurance certificate for package holidays.

Designated contact person on site for enquiries.

The right holiday home for everyone: Thousands of holiday properties from other providers

In addition to our own TUI Smile holiday properties, we also mediate the rental of holiday homes and apartments from other providers, so you are guaranteed to find the right holiday home with us for your vacation. These include private owners, specialised agencies, and renowned tour operators.

We promise you that only verified providers will find their way into our website range! All the displayed holiday homes are as we present them. The so-called “black sheep” among holiday-home providers will not be tolerated at TUI Villas!

You‘ll find the respective provider, and thus who your contact person is, directly in the presentation of the accommodation on our website. And although we are not your contractual partner for mediated bookings, we still take care of the organisation of the booking and, in most cases,  the payment processing with the provider. All you have to do is book your dream holiday home, pack your suitcase, and head off on vacation!

Over 98% satisfied customers

We want to offer our customers the best possible care with the highest standards of service quality and customer advice. We know we‘re on the right path with our mission to provide you with a home for your holiday, as we’ve seen, among other things, that complaints have been submitted to us for less than 2% of all trips (based on all bookings in the 2018 travel year) – regardless of whether they concern a property from our own range or one from another provider. In almost all the cases, the complaints or ambiguities were clarified immediately with the contact person or provider on site.


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Reviewed by holidaymakers for holidaymakers

We ask each customer to submit a review of the visited holiday accommodation and resort after the trip, so that you don‘t have to rely solely on the description of the accommodation when choosing your holiday home. The reviews by other guests provide valuable information on the facilities, location, and whether an offer provides good value for money.

Thus, we can ensure that only genuine reviews which can be clearly assigned to a booking will appear on the website. If there is any ambiguity, we will personally make enquiries with the reviewer once again. We also promise that all the reviews, whether good or bad, will find their way onto the site, and bad reviews will not be held back.

Secure payment

One of the biggest concerns that many holidaymakers have when booking a holiday home are the questions, “whom am I paying my money to?” and “is my payment secured?”

You‘ll pay the travel price directly to us for all the holiday homes and apartments with the TUI Smile, as we are your contractual partner for these offers. There are several free payment methods available. After booking, you will also receive an insurance certificate for package holidays, through which your payment will be secured.

The special feature: we will also take over the payment processing with the provider for you in relation to most of the offers which we mediate for private owners and agencies.

You will pay all the amounts, which have to be paid in advance, directly to us and we will forward the payment to the provider. Of course, several free payment methods will also be available to you for this purpose. Payment processing will be handled directly by the provider for some of the other offers.

However, these are always larger tour operators or very reliable agencies. You‘ll find out who the respective provider is and to whom the payment will be made in the corresponding description of the holiday accommodation, prior to booking.

Holiday homes & apartments with pools

Spend your vacation in a holiday home or a holiday apartment with its own pool. Dive in and relax in your own pool in Europe‘s most beautiful areas. Bathe there undisturbed and enjoy your privacy.

My own pool

Croatia | Admittedly, the Croatian Adriatic coast offers fantastic beaches. But it’s simply nicer with your own pool. Spontaneously decide if you’d prefer to splash about in the sea or in the pool.

Holiday with your own pool

​Italy | Give your Italian holiday the perfect touch in a holiday home with its own pool: Splash about with the whole family in the water or let yourself completely relax.

​Greece | The beach is too full or too far away? These holiday houses all have an own pool and guarantee you an abundance of bathing fun.

Holiday with your own pool

Spain | Give your holiday in Spain that little bit extra. An own pool not only provides the ideal possibility of retreating from a full beach, but also just gives off a great deal of flair.

Pool villas in Southern France

Southern France | In these French villas at the blue coast you will find soothing tranquillity and undisturbed sunbaths at private pools.

Here the pool is essential

​Portugal | Admittedly the beaches of the Algarve and Co. are beautiful. But with an own pool the vacation is even more perfect: Cool off whenever you want – whether it’s directly after breakfast or in the middle of the night.

The pool just by the door

Hungary | Hungary’s dry and mild steppe climate is worth a trip at any time. But if it should get a bit too hot, your own pool is the perfect complement.

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