Travel companies are trying their best to find ways around the problems

Travel companies are trying their best find ways around the problems and we to are trying to support the them by promoting through our affiliate and partners.

We are finding it difficult to write anything interesting about travel as our lifestyles are changing like the weather with new restrictions every week.

Airlines and travel companies are suffering the worst but they continue to struggle on and give us whatever services they can, offering future flights and package holidays at prices everyone can afford.

Its good to see some people making special offers for 2021 travel and they are now starting to appear on the website including TUI who are selling holidays for 2022.

Hopefully, things will soon start to calm down and look a little clearer and more under control, the Canary Islands being a fine example.

Rapid Covid19 testing when arriving back in the UK is we feel a must to make a return to some kind of tourism normality.

Be safe everyone.

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