This month is passing us by pretty quickly

This month is passing us by pretty quickly and the big winter season of goodwill is upon us, have to wonder how much cheer we will be able to have because most has gone out of the window of a sad 2020.

The latest vaccination news is what have all been waiting for and its giving everyone a big lift, although we all know it will be some time before things settle down to normal.

Travel across Europe looks bleak with the latest results coming in and for the travel industry is still major headache as more and more agents get swept under the table.

The future now looks promising and when the covid19 is under some sort of control people will start dreaming of holidays abroad again, for suppliers of any type of travel it can’t come fast enough but we still have to get through the Brexit deal with regard to visas etc first.

Now that the FAA have cleared the Max aircraft to fly again it will be interesting to see what happens when and if people start asking what aircraft they will be going on.

Surprise, surprise the UK and the US have signed up to a deal to guarantee all future transatlantic flights, but there is no air service agreement between the UK and EU at the moment which throws into doubt a continuation of flights after the end of December.

Jet2 are offering flights to Greece next year from Newcastle and East Midlands,  30.000. seats are now on sale to their popular resorts.

Stay Safe everyone….

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