The Glimmer of Light is now Shining Brighter

The travel industry woke up this morning with a brighter outlook, everyone now hoping this dream of tourism returning soon is true and will happen.

We have all been suffering in one way or another but when businesses must close and stop trading at the click of the finger, who knows what to do or say to survive.

Today we see companies boasting that they received a new booking for the UK every second, then tour operators like TUI saying a massive surge in bookings, i.e., taking well needed deposits. Good for them it showing confidence is returning to foreign travel at last.

Looks like the big day is the 17th May… The doors will be open for holidays and business travel abroad will try and return to something like normal, great news for Loopy clients.

Not a lot of information on what documentation is exactly required to arrive in various countries now. Vaccination certificate ideas are now being thrown around, let us hope it is a nice card and not a piece of paper, although the word on the street is an international joint venture is being considered.

We hope everyone is staying safe and can now think of holidays 2021.

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