Spain to restrict day-trippers.

Spain warning as popular holiday hotspot to restrict day-trippers.

A hotspot in Spain is cracking down on day-tripping holidaymakers, calling them a “plague of locusts”.

The city of Barcelona is popular with tourists, especially those on cruises who visit for the day.

Barcelona could soon cap the number of cruise ships which visit

Barcelona could soon cap the number of cruise ships which visit.

In 2019, a record number of more than 2 million cruise ship tourists visited Barcelona.

However, Barcelona deputy mayor Janet Sanz slammed the cruisers, saying they don’t spend any money and don’t contribute to the city.

She said: “You will be walking and all of a sudden there’s this mass of people who appear together in the street.

“They don’t consume anything, and they don’t have an economic impact.

City counsellor Gala Pin previously called cruise travellers a “plague of locusts [kind of] tourism”.

New rules want to cap cruise ships to just three ships a day, working out to 200,000 passengers a month – compared to the current 400,000 a month.

However, the city port refuted the negative claims, saying around 58 per cent of cruise ships were not day-trippers, as the trips would start or end in the city.

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