Spain digital nomad visa announced

The Spanish government recently announced it is introducing a Spain Digital Nomad Visa.

It follows in the footsteps of neighbouring Portugal,

As a part of the Start-Up law, passed, the visa program aims to attract international talent from outside the European Union.

The requirement is applicants must be remote workers, self-employed, or employed by a non-Spanish company.

The remote worker must also meet the government’s minimum income requirement for the Spain Nomad Visa.

This will likely be twice the national minimum wage in Spain, or at least €2,100.

Details regarding the application process for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain are yet to be fully clarified.

“Spain has long been a destination of choice to non-EU remote workers, and we are looking forward to seeing the unfolding of the Visa program there,” said Patricia Casaburi, MD at Global Citizen Solutions:

Spanish Nomad Visa holders are permitted visa-free travel across the European Union’s Schengen Area.

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