Shapps: Give automatic refunds for cancelled holidays

Transport secretary Grant Shapps wants travellers to get automatic refunds for cancelled holidays.

He is calling for a user-friendly scheme for people to get quickly refunded.

Shapps cited the delay repay scheme for rail travel as a blueprint.

“There should be proper disputes resolution, proper charter for passengers, to make sure they can get quick, straightforward compensation for it or be put on other flights.”

“Having accepted it is a private sector industry, we’ll of course do absolutely everything possible to make sure that we are helping people get away this summer,” he said.

“It is very important that flights aren’t oversold, for example, and I want to make sure there is automatic compensation for passengers,” he added.

Speaking to the BBC’s Sunday Morning programme, Shapps ruled out deploying the army at airports after the suggestion by Ryanair.

“The army is not a snap solution to every problem.”

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