Santa Eulalia del Rio - Ibiza

Santa Eulalia del Rio is a holiday destination for people who want to experience the real culture of Ibiza with beautiful beaches, restaurants and bars.

Here you will find some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and if you are driving then a superb beach world is your oyster.
The town’s main beaches are ‘Playa del Rio and Playa de Santa Eulalia below the promenade, with super soft sand perfect for all age groups.
Both have safe designated bathing areas which in the summer season are patrolled by lifeguards, beach sunbeds are also available for hire.
Behind the promenade the bay is ringed by concrete apartment blocks, some of which have shops, bars, cafes and restaurants opening on to the promenade.

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Pont Vell
This is the old bridge that was constructed in 1927 and became the main access to the town.
Now there is a new bridge in place which is needed for today’s way of life and also for the amount of traffic.
The water from the river of the town was many years ago channelled through the fields and town to irrigate and support the village life in Santa Eulalia until the 20th century.

The river would flow all year round allowing the old flour mill ‘Can Planetes’ which was used to make all the local bread.
The mill is now a visitor’s centre built like a traditional farmhouse, it includes the watermill itself with the old wheel used up until 1960.
The water was also important for all the fruit trees and vegetables farmed in and around the town including those on the hillside.
Water channelled along the walls which are located between the river and the fortified church above ‘Puig di Missa’.
This fortified 16th century church can be seen from miles around, built on top of the hill overlooking the town and coastline.
For over 500 years the local people would come for mass via all the little country roads.

Puig de Missa Church is in front of a large forest covered hill called ‘Puig de Fita’ that overlooks the church and Santa Eulalia del Rio.
The prominent hill of ‘Puig d’ en Fita’ dominates the landscape above the town center is the hill called ‘Puig de Missa’..
At 52 meters above sea level and its summit is dominated by the Església de Puig de Missa. This beautiful church is dedicated to Saint Eulalia.
This beautiful old Church dedicated to Saint Eulalia ‘Puig de Missa’ was built as far back as 1568 although historic records show that a chapel dedicated to the saint as far back as 1302.
Despite the huge natural advantage of constructing the church on this hilltop, the small community of Santa Eulalia.
The town employed the skills of military designer Giovanni Calvi to fortify the church as a fortress many years ago to ward off the attack by pirates.
Calvi had a rounded bastion constructed in the style of the islands many watchtowers although the church’s bastion is solid and has no internal guardrooms.
The churches nave roof is higher than the Bastion which restricted the range and scope of any cannon placed on the bastion, although it is thought that at one time the roof may have been lower than the bastion.
The Porch of the church, added in the eighteenth century, is larger than most on the island and stands separate from the main church building.
It has multiple pillars and rounded arches which has been compared to the Moorish style of architecture, and this does compare well with a mosque and its prayer halls still seen on main land Spain.
The porch is probably the newest part of this church. On the west elevation of the church there is a small chapel which is topped with a plain stone dome complete with a lantern.
This chapel is an addition to the original church, and is entered through a ponderous arch bored through the massively thick walls.
The interior is square and rather small with the dome above supported on squat arches over each corner.
The lantern above has stained glass lights. There is another similar chapel on the opposite wall which gives the nave a footprint in the shape of the crucifix.
There is a gilded altarpiece which was brought and installed from Segovia in 1967.
The rest of the church is very sparse and has been heavily restored due to the extreme damage done to the church by iconoclast Republicans.
This was during the Spanish Civil War of 1936 who viewed the church as a hotbed of sedition.
This is a must visit when in Santa Eulalia del Rio and a very nice walk up the hill, good to burn off some of the holiday tipple calories.
The little ‘Tran’ service (Wally Wagon) goes up to the church in the day time when on their little excursion in and around the town..

The Port – Marina
Santa Eulalia Port is one of the most modern marinas in the Mediterranean, offering great moorings and facilities for everyone.
Easy access to the port with secure 24-hour parking facilities for a small payment, although not long-term parking.
There is every facility available including the latest technology, electrics and communication systems and other services making mooring here a popular choice.
The commercial side of the marina compliments the nautical side with various shops, where you can spoil yourself in one of the boutiques or browse through the many hippie stalls.
The most impressive part is the popularity and growing reputation of the restaurants and bars offering superb choice of international food and drinks.
Marina is situated in a unique location and only 14km from Ibiza town.

Es Canar – Ibiza – The Famous Hippy Market
Hippy markets Ibiza are for everybody to enjoy when on the white island, everyone has heard of them and how fantastic they are.
The first touristic hippy market started back 1969 in Es Cana and most are a must-see for every visitor. Punta Arabi a small pine tree forest started by young hippy’s as a meeting place to sell and exchange their artefacts.
The markets are some of the island’s top attractions for every holiday-maker and a fabulous shopping experience. Ibiza has strong artistic roots going back to the early ’60s when artisans, painters and designers flocked to the island.