Ryanair resigns from the UK Aviation Council

Ryanair has resigned as a member of the UK Aviation Council.

The Council, led by Baroness Vere, is simply a ‘talking shop’ Ryanair says.

“It delivers no benefits, no reform and no change for UK aviation or UK passengers,” according to the airline.

The UK Aviation Council held its first meeting in Feb 2023.

Ryanair said it called on the Council to implement various practical measures during the first meeting.

Theses included improvements to NATS staffing to reduce ATC delays, lobbying for air space reform in Europe and to boost Border Control staffing.

Ryanair says no action has been implemented on ‘these achievable goals.’

The UK Aviation Council has failed to deliver any action or practical measures to improve UK aviation, Ryanair says.

“We joined the UK Aviation Council and assured it would be used as a ‘delivery body’ to improve the resilience of UK aviation,” CEO Michael O’Leary.

“Sadly, this has proved to be an empty promise.”

“The Council has become a talking shop for Baroness Vere, Government bureaucrats and the CAA to waffle on about reform while delivering none.”

Ryanair expects to grow traffic in the UK this year by 13% to 56m passengers.

The Council is ‘ineffective’ O’Leary says, which hasn’t delivered any practical change or reform.

 It resigned from the Council with immediate effect. 

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