Ryanair bans booze on Ibiza flights

Budget carrier Ryanair wants customers to have a sober start to their Ibiza holidays.

Duty free alcohol is now banned from Ibiza flights out of UK airports.

The airline imposed the rule due to several ‘anti-social incidents.’

The airline has emailed customers booked on Ibiza flights.

Any duty free booze must be checked in.

Any passengers attempting to smuggle alcohol into the cabin could be removed from the flight with no refund.

One booze-fuelled incident led to 15 people being kicked off a flight earlier this year.

It caused a five-hour delay.

More recently a man on a stag weekend apparently woke up inside an overhead baggage compartment  on a flight.

The new rule is ‘to prioritise the comfort and safety of all passengers,’ Ryanair said.

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