EasyJet offers pilots seasonal contracts to save jobs

Easyjet is offering six-month contracts as an alternative to having to make its pilots redundant.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that, under the new offer, pilots would be retained to fly for a six-month period, and then have the rest of the year off.

Up to 727 pilots’ jobs are at risk, and easyJet has offered pilots a number of different arrangements under the current downturn in air travel.

Last week, the airline confirmed it was shutting its Southend, Stansted and Newcastle bases.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, other options include working for two weeks and then having two weeks off, dropping four days from their normal pattern of 13 fixed days, working for three weeks and then having a week off or unpaid leave lasting from six to 18 months.

A spokesperson for easyJet said: “As part of its ongoing discussions with BALPA, easyJet’s UK pilots have been offered a range of alternative contract options in an effort to mitigate the number of compulsory redundancies and job loses overall.”

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