Norwegian Reward loyalty programme revamped

Norwegian’s Reward loyalty programme is getting a new look.

It is being relaunched with new benefits in the spring.

Earning CashPoints and benefits are still at the core of the programme.

Norwegian is also adding a range of new loyalty programme benefits for the most frequent flyers.

Reward members will receive a new benefit for every eighth flight taken within 12 months, including stopovers.

The first benefit is always 2% extra CashPoints on all Norwegian flight tickets.

After the next eight flights, members can choose which benefit they would like next.

Members can now also choose to claim an overhead cabin bag as their next benefit.

During the next couple of months, travellers with more than 32 flights or more within 12 months will have access to all benefits in the Reward programme.

These include free coffee and tea on board flights with catering, priority boarding, no expiry date on CashPoints and priority customer service.

Reward members continue to earn CashPoints when making a purchase with one of Norwegian Reward’s partners or use their Norwegian credit card.

These are 1% CashPoints on Lowfare tickets, 2% CashPoints on LowFare+ tickets and 5% CashPoints on Flex tickets.

CashPoints may be used to pay for flight tickets, checked baggage, seat reservations, pre-booked meals and more.

One CashPoint corresponds to one Norwegian krone.

The changes to Norwegian Rewards take effect on 28 March 2023.

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