More long haul options as dozen red list countries could be removed

Vaxxed holidaymakers could soon have more options for travel, especially for long haul trips.

Several countries could be removed from the high risk red list in the latest traffic light update.

According to Covid data analyst Tim White, a dozen countries could be moved from the red list, including Sri Lanka, Turkey, South Africa, the Maldives, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Kenya, and Mexico.

It also potentially includes Pakistan, Peru, Argentina and Bangladesh, he told The Independent.

The Turkish embassy in London told Sky News it expects to be finally removed from the red list.

“The Covid-19 related data of Turkey, which are the criteria for the UK’s traffic lights system, are, if compared scientifically and objectively, better than quite a number of countries that are already in the amber list,” it said.

The red list current contains ore than 60 countries but is expected to be significantly reduced  as the government works on a simplified two-tier system.

Paul Charles, CEO of travel consultancy The PC Agency, reckons up to 24 red list countries could be removed later this week.

PM Boris Johnson may announce some details of an overhaul to the traffic light system today when he delivers details of the Covid winter plan.

That is also likely to confirm the scrapping of PCR tests for fully vaccinated returning travellers.

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