Malta – latest Covid Entry Requirements Clarified

Standards for quarantine of unvaccinated travellers entering the Maltese Islands

The following standards are issued under the Public Health Act Chapter 465 of the Laws of Malta and require strict adherence.

Failure to adhere to these standards will result in enforcement procedures as provided by the Act.Requirements for boardingIn terms of LN 301 of 2021 Travel Ban (Extension to All Countries) (Amendment No. 4) Order, 2021, which came into force on 14thJuly 2021, persons may travel to Malta from the United Kingdom provided they are in possession of:a valid vaccination certificate showing that that person has been fully vaccinated against COVID19 if aged 12years of age or over. Provided further that a vaccination certificate shall only be valid and accepted if issued in that official form, and with regards to a vaccine recognized and approved by the Superintendent of PublicHealth.

The list of approved vaccine certificates include:

“NHS COVID Pass “NHS Coronavirus (COVID19) vaccination record full course of vaccination with 14 day after last dose

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