Jet2 problems over pilot fatigue

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) has called out Jet2 for ignoring concerns from its pilots about fatigue and stress caused by roster disruption.   

BALPA says the rostering practices are not sustainable in the long run and could have a detrimental effect on pilots’ health and wellbeing, impacting safety.

The union wrote to the company to work on mutually beneficial safety systems that protect staff.

BALPA says Jet2 refuses to budge, stating ‘cost’ as a main objection, among other reasons.

BALPA National Officer Terry Brandon said:  “We are deeply concerned about Jet2 management’s attitude in response to a genuine offer of using safety experts for the benefit of everyone, including their passengers.”

“We appeal to Jet2 to listen to its pilots and BALPA now, and implement basic roster protections that protect the health of our members.”

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