Holidaymakers stung by last minute airport parking prices

Consumer watchdog Which? says air travelers are being gouged on last minute airport parking fees.

It found ‘eye-watering differences’ between the prices for a week’s stay in August on the day versus booking four months in advance.

In the most expensive case, Which? found travellers could pay as much as £583 for on the day, week-long bookings.

Overall, holidaymakers could stand to save £150 on average with forward planning.

The biggest saving was at Manchester Airport’s multi-storey car park, where paying on the day would cost you four times as much (327% more).

A week’s stay booked four months in advance was charged at £95, compared to £406 on the day of departure.

Price differences at Heathrow were similar with an increase of 207%.

Travellers should compare the cost of on-site and off-park parking.

It found that in some cases, the on-site option actually worked out cheaper.

Rory Boland, Editor of Which? Travel, said: “Our research found leaving it to the last minute can come with a serious financial sting.”

Take the time to shop around and compare the options on offer.”

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