Holidaymakers still prioritising safety over cost

Despite rising pressure on household income levels, people are still prepared to pay more for holidays.

Recent research by travel insurance specialist, AllClear finds British holidaymakers have become more aware about safety when travelling abroad.

The research found 84% travellers, representing just under 30 million people, intended to spend more than they did pre-pandemic on a range of items on their holidays– from travel insurance to their accommodation.

Tracking responses over a 12-month period, this is a rise on travellers expecting to pay more in 2021 (72%), despite restrictions easing.

The research showed the average total amount of potential planned spend per booking went from £597 in 2021 to £727.

AllClear claims the main area where people intended to spend more money was on their travel insurance.

Almost four in five (79%) planned to spend more than they would have done before the pandemic, with the average amount being £106 more.

Over three-quarters (77%) said they would pay more to stay in a highly-quality resort, hotel, or apartment (£302 more than pre-pandemic).

In terms of safer travel, 71% said they planned to spend more to use taxis as opposed to public transport (£110 more), while half would spend more to rent a car (£95 more).

“People are, despite the recent cost of living rises, still prepared to spend more on ensuring their safety.”

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