Heathrow’s passenger cap to continue

Airlines have been warned to expect Heathrow’s passenger cap to last longer than originally planned.

Airlines have reportedly been told by the airport that curbs will last until after the October half-term holidays due to ongoing staff shortages.

It means the passenger cap will last through October 29.

Heathrow has imposed a limit of 100,000 departing passengers a day.

Heathrow has even asked airlines to boot passengers from flights to ease passenger flow.

Schedules must be curbed ‘to ensure a continued safe operation and to mitigate risk of uncontrolled demand increases leading to potentially dangerous levels of congestion’ Heathrow said.

“During the last few weeks, Heathrow has had to deploy contingencies to avoid safety events and overcrowding.”

Heathrow chair Lord Paul Deighton blasted airlines for failing to hire sufficient baggage handlers.

“For months we have been asking airlines to keep their ground handling resource in balance with demand. We have seen a shocking increase in planes departing without bags.”

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