Has summer 2021 gone already.

Has summer 2021 gone already.

The summer has started to pass very quickly now, and it’s been sometime since posting our thoughts on here.

We decided back in March with the start of the Traffic Light system that it was pointless in passing on some news and views with things changing every few days or weeks.

We are preparing our website for more travel availabilities as the world starts opening again, including taking on board Loopytravel.com two other websites: SmartSpain.com and SantaEulaliaTown.com. (Ibiza)

Looking into the future is going to be slow and tiresome with the regulations including the rip-off testing that is going on around Europe that is putting travellers off.

This is off course is all down to the British government playing dominoes with the travel industry.

Loopy Travel will soon start offering super deals for 2022 but we are still intending to save what is left of the summer 2021.

We are like you all on a knife’s edge until the next Traffic Light announcement to find that 3 week gap?

We will soon be back in full swing so watch out for some great prices.

Stay safe everyone.

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