Foreign Office warning of Spain unrest

UK holidaymakers have been warned of political unrest across the country, with the UK Foreign Office advising people to be vigilant in major cities.

It updated advice after protests in Madrid, Barcelona and other cities.

Residents marched in the streets in Madrid protesting against the cost of living crisis

They are demanding an increase in wages and pensions in line with inflation.

Demonstrations have hit other cities.

In Barcelona, unrelated pro-independence demonstrations took place last week.

“Demonstrations, political gatherings, or marches may take place in Spain with little or no warning, particularly in cities. You should follow the advice of police and local authorities,” the Foreign Office said.

“While the vast majority of demonstrations are peaceful, there is a risk of isolated incidents of unrest or violence. If you’re in and around areas, remain vigilant and move away quickly if there are signs of disorder.”

It comes after travel rules in Spain were recently eased, allowing British travellers to travel unrestricted.

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