Demand still strong for 2023 holidays

About 76% of Travel Counsellors customers said they are still intending to travel as planned in 2023, according to a survey of over 2,500 customers.

The survey, carried out in September 2022, also found that nearly 60% of customers are planning to book their 2023 holiday when they usually do, while 24% wanted to make the most of best deals by booking early

About 18% will book last minute, within two months of their departure date.

It also highlighted the need for flexibility when making booking decisions, with over 60% of customers interested in low deposit or flexible payment terms.

However, the survey found it is not the budget that is the most important factor affecting where Brits will holiday next year.

Nearly 50% said destination was more important whatever the price, while 30% would be more inclined to book an all-inclusive trip so that they do not pay extra abroad. 

According to recent sales figures, Mediterranean destinations, the US, Australia and New Zealand and the Caribbean are trending well.

Dave Callan, customer director at Travel Counsellors, said: “We are all feeling the effects of the credit crunch at the minute – some 64% of our clients have said the cost-of-living crisis is affecting their lives, but holidays are still a priority for many.”

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