Croatia enjoys three different climates: The coast has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with a high number of days of sunshine per year.

Summers are hot and dry and winters are mild and wet.

Temperatures drop slightly as you move inland, where the climate is continental and moderate. Once you climb above 1,200 m, you’ll be greeted with fresh mountain air and temperatures around 13 ºC in the summer months.

The Croatian national territory totals 56.594 km2 with 31.479 km2 of coastal waters for sailing, swimming and diving.

Croatia occupies the largest area of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea which, as a part of the Mediterranean Sea, penetrates deep into the European continent.

The narrow Dinara Mountain Range separates the country’s Mediterranean region from its central European continental section, which spans from the easterly edges of the Alps in the north west to the shores of the Danube in the East, encompassing the southern part of the fertile Pannonian lowlands.

And if the beauty of such landscapes weren’t enough, here’s a refreshing piece of news: tap water is drinkable across all of Croatia.

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