CAA curbs Heathrow’s sky-high fee increases

Fliers jetting off from Heathrow airport are set to pay more for their flights, but less than the airport proposed.

Heathrow’s plans to almost double passenger fees have been curbed to between £24.50 and £34.40 from next year.

The airport wanted to hike fees to up to £43 to claw bacl losses caused by many months Covid-19 travel restrictions.

It will still result in a hike of more than 50%.

Heathrow posted losses of more than £2 billion last year.

“These initial proposals seek to protect consumers against unfair charges, and will allow Heathrow to continue to appropriately invest in keeping the airport resilient and efficient,” CAA Chief Executive Richard Moriarty said

“We look forward to working with all stakeholders as we refine this package of measures in the coming months..”

The new fees become effective next summer.

“Today’s initial proposals from the Civil Aviation Authority fail to protect the British consumer, paving the way for Heathrow Airport to introduce unacceptable charges, just as international travel resumes at scale,” Virgin Atlantic’s chief executive Shai Weiss said.

“The world’s most expensive airport risks becoming over 50% more expensive, as Heathrow a seek to recoup their pandemic losses and secure hundreds of millions in dividends to shareholders.”

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