British Airways chops three Southampton routes for Summer 2023

Some readers may be surprised to know that British Airways runs a relatively large number of routes out of Southampton Airport.

The launch of these services got caught up in the pandemic (the original announcement was made in December 2020) so they have never had much of a promotional push.

The initial route launches were, in many cases, heavily delayed or suspended altogether.

There is a full service planned for Summer 2023, although three routes have just been culled.

Southampton Airport was, as the picture below shows, a major Flybe base before the airline collapsed.

The BA services are a welcome respite for the airport which lost virtually all of its scheduled services at that point, although many routes have been picked up by other airlines since.

The BA flights use the Embraer E190 aircraft which serve London City Airport during the week but have nothing to do when City is closed over the weekend.

The three routes from Southampton cancelled for Summer 2023 are Florence, Ibiza and Nice.

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