Airlines welcome pause on EU’s smart border system roll out

Europe’s airlines and airports have welcomed the delay to the new EU smart border system.

The Entry Exit System (EES) for non-EU travellers has been postponed until after the 2023 summer travel period.

This gives time to resolve various issues, ACI EUROPE, A4E, ERA and IATA said.

The industry groups say it will be a ‘game changer’ for how the EU’s borders are managed.

However, a number of issues must be resolved to ensure a smooth roll out, they say.

The delay gives airlines, airports and national authorities chance to fully test the EU smart border system.

They call for funding to ensure a sufficient number of trained staff and resources are deployed at airports.

ACI EUROPE, A4E, ERA and IATA also want a campaign so third-country nationals are fully aware of the new requirements.

“We urge those involved to best use the extra time to address the outstanding issues,” they said.

“A new start date for EES should be set to ensure continued smooth aviation operations.”

“Building traveller confidence with an effective rollout of EES is critical.”

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