Airlines demand swift EU action on ATC strikes

Europe’s leading airlines are calling on the European Commission to take swift action to stop further air traffic control strikes.

Already this year, air traffic control strikes have resulted in over 3,000 flight cancellations, it says

It has also led to 23,000 flight delays disrupting over 10 million passengers.

A4E is calling on the Commission to ensure European passengers can continue to fly without disruption this summer.

Airlines are calling for mandatory arbitration before unions can threaten air traffic control strike action.

Airlines also want a 21-day advance notification of strike action so they can make sufficient plans.

A4E says overflying should be protected.

A4E member Ryanair recently launched a petition calling on the Commission to take action to protect EU passengers.

When it receives one million signatures, the Commission will have to respond within six months.

Laurent Donceel, acting MD of A4E, said, “While we respect the right to strike, the ripple effect of disruptions impacting flights is untenable.”

“We present a simple action plan to the EC to minimise passenger disruption this summer. It’s high time they took decisive action.”

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