2022 Big Demand for Holidays

The lights are shining bright over airline industry for 2022 according to latest reports with some companies now bragging about how much demand there is for holidays using the words ‘Enormous Growth, mmm

Hoping this is all true and not just a brag is brilliant news for all the travel industry including Loopy, we are so lucky to have survived the past 2 years and we are all starting to feel positive again.

With the scrapping of rip-off testing and soon which will make things easier and a lot cheaper to travel, we just need the covid passport problems sorted out now, we need to know exactly what is needed for where and whether it’s up to date in Europe

All we need now is to remove the need for a passenger locater form to make it nicer holiday experience after the problems we all had last year. Why should we need one anyway, this is for people tracking, are we doing someone else’s job for free?

We notice now that some airlines are offering single figure prices for flights then charging you £10.00. to put a small bag under the seat, looks like the start to some future rip off times.

A recent flight I was on were allowing pushchairs into the cabin and as for ‘Priority Boarding’, what a farce that is (€30.00.), In Barcelona recently most of the people were using priority boarding system and standing in a very long queue for 30 minutes, we just sat relaxed waiting our turn to board. How can it be priority if everyone is doing it?

Airlines have been told they have to fly more flights to keep their slots they already have to certain destinations, not sure if this is a good or bad thing for everyone. Ghost flights still cost the same, we caught a flight to Alicante recently with 10 people on the flight.

Summer is coming and we are waiting to see what offers will be out for spring, as soon as we know we will post them on Loopytravel.com

Happy Holidays.

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